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Spherical Flash Unit


Spherical flashes

Here was a problem-- Photograph using a fisheye inside a Corporate tent at the Heineken Classic and be able to see across the fairways and have the inside of the tent correctly exposed.

The other problem was that the outside view was through a tinted window

The only thing going was the beer was cold.

After lengthy discussions and a few beers with some photographic colleagues it was evolved to use a modified flash gun that had a variable power unit as are the larger studio units.

cubic-flash1.jpgWe used a outside opal garden light and its base, an empty water bottle some wire and tape.

firstly make sure the condensers are discharged and carefully remove the covers and reflector. Next make a note of the wires and cut them in the middle .MAKE Sure you do not touch the flash tube with your skin the oil will damage it.

Drill a hole to suite a bolt through the waterbottle lid and attach it to the garden light base

attach the garden light base to the top of the flash gun and drill a hole for the wires.

Cut out the water bottle to hold the tube use the insulators from the original reflector

assemble the tube into the modified waterbottle

filament1.jpgNext we solder the wires together use another joiner piece of wire as the wires will not reach 'btw the units will work over a few feet".

put the garden light sphere over the tube and be careful of the tube

Nearly finished

check the color temp should be about 5000k adjust with color gell if required


The trigger is a flash sensor in a cap over the cameras own flash

works fine



I use three National PE5650 Pro units and have enough power un modified to throw 100 feet +

Using the spherical garden light or as an open bulb performance is reduced to about 60 ft but effective at 40 feet

The light is even and very well diffused

check out the result



Metre the outside exposure [through the window] set the camera to manual and adjust

I used 100asa--and as a highest f-stop for the largest depth of field say 5.6f then adjusted the speed 60 to 120th and then adjust the flashes power

go for it





use with the 360-one