How to make a Spheripod



This line is only to indicate the relationship of the lens nodal point and the pod foot when making the unit

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Having a look at what was around in the shed I came up with this in half an hour.

Like everything else it took longer to make up this page.

Made of what was available.

1-old and lonely tripod leg--- the others were used for other things.

1-Silva Compass you either have one or you are lost------ this won't work with a GPS

3 bullseye levels

1 piece of aluminium channel cut to size

1 block of aluminium cut with bandsaw to correct angle of leg

a few screws and nuts

1 camera screw of an old flash bracket

a can of black paint is the last job -- I must get around to that.

The foot of the pod is set to be under the nodal point of the lens, I put it on an angle to balance it a bit,
the Compass top has some segments of tape cut to 120 Deg and placed in such a way as to let you see the pointer.

You can use any compass or level but the bullseye is the smallest and is accurate enough .

All dimensions are by the rule of thumb "if it looks as though it will work then that's ok.and
the KISS method of construction-----Keep It Simple Stupid .

The rest is straight faward --- 3 images horizontally using the compass to point the camera, then 1 up and 1 down then go back to the studio and spend the evening putting it together.

It is not as daunting when using the big tripod as the public hardly take any notice

Hope is gives someone the inspiration

PS You could paint it white and use dark glasses but that's another story----------- Smile

Alto have a look at




PTGUI http://www.ptgui.com/ and PTMAC http://www.kekus.com/ptmac/index.html

Panorama Tools http://www.fh-furtwangen.de/~dersch/




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