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Spherical VR  

To view these Cubic QTVR's which allow the viewer to look up, down, and all around.
Must have QuickTime 5 for viewing the 3603°. QuickTime 4 will only show a cylinder. or choose PT Viewer.



These images are similar to panoramas however they use the latest technology which allow the viewer to look ALL around [over and under], providing the viewer with an experience that is
...The next best thing to being there.
These images can also have links and sound just like standard panoramic images.
We now await virtual smell.


Whatever your goal, we can help you achieve it.

We've done it before, for many others, and we can do it for you.



iSiteMedia is the first company to perfect aerial virtual reality in Australia and is uniquely positioned as the first developer in the world to perfect the aerial spherical navigable images. AeroSpheric ® . View up to 360° horizontally and vertically [3603°]delivering a totally unique perspective to the viewer.
A true bird's eye view
With iSiteMedia, Viewers are truly in the centre of the action with unprecedented access and interactivity as never before and being able to freely manipulate the image and see what they want and how they want.

iSiteMedia can link areas together by adding navigable areas to the image and add sound or link to a detailed video the possibilities are endless.

Since the development of Cubic or Spherical Virtual Reality we have waited for the opportunity and equipment to take theis shots.

Here is the first aerial cubic we know of. I hope you don't have vertigo


  We look forward to helping you make your business more successful.



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